JCards is a free Java application designed to store and manage data in any format that the user defines. Instead of having multiple applications to manage passwords, music databases, shopping lists, etc, JCards allows the user to define a database that contains the fields they want and to customise it in many ways. This is all accomplished via an easy to use interface that requires no understanding of SQL or any other database jargon.

JCards was initially developed to run on a Sharp Zaurus SL-5x00 PDA, but will also run on any PocketPC PDA that has a JVM installed. It is now available in both a PDA and a desktop version. The PDA version will run on desktop PCs as well as PDAs but has a limited feature set, while the desktop-only version has more features but won't work on a PDA.

Latest Versions

To be informed when updates are made, go to the freshmeat.net page for JCards and select the Subscribe to new releases option at the bottom of the page. When a new version of JCards is made available freshmeat.net will send an email to you.

JCards v5.1PDA/Desktop
JCards v6.xDesktop



Screenshots for v5 running on a desktop PC are available here.


Some example databases are available here. If you have created a database that you think may be of use to other people then email me a copy and I'll upload it for everyone to use.


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